Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Winter Strawberry

Strawberry Studios was a recording studio in Waterloo Road, Stockport, a small Cheshire town now sadly subsumed into the Manchester metro region.

Since its demise in the 1990’s, when it finally succumbed to a downturn in demand for high quality recording facilities, the building has provided office accommodation for a variety of tenants, ranging from graphic design to government services.

Nevertheless, the building retains its colourful history, notably as an iconic recording studio – dare I say world famous? It was the first major recording studio to be built outside of London in the 1960's.

The 1970’s band 10cc had a share in the business and recorded much of their best known material there including I'm Not In Love , a masterpiece in record production for the time, in which they used as many as 250 voices for the famous choral backing!

Band member Eric Stewart named the studio after his favourite Beatles track, Strawberry Fields Forever.

Aren’t bricks and mortar wonderful things when we can associate them with history?


  1. Yes, yes. No Obama praises. For a country that doesn't want kings and queens, they've sure made this one their prince among them.

    At first I thought you were having us on, but this band really did cut these two tracks on doing things for love followed by not being in love - LOL. Perhaps they shouldn't have done too many things for Love. She's a fickle mistress!

    Great site here. Now that I finally found it again I'll have to come back later. I love the Bogie photo - how stunning!

  2. I always think of I'm Not In Love as tongue in cheek, even ironic.

    As Larkin wrote in An Arundel Tomb, 'what will remain of us is love'. Therefore, is anything we do for love ever a mistake?

    Discuss in 6000 words....grinning.

  3. You know, I've listened to this so many times over the years but never considered the essence of it. I believe you are right about it...very tongue in cheek M...

    Thanks for sharing...