Monday, 9 March 2009

Went the weekend well?.......

I really did enjoy this movie, beautifully acted, lit and filmed. Well done Mr Scorsese et al. Julian Fellowes has delivered another fine, diverting historical script although, as he readily admits, he has massaged history ever so slightly. Prince Albert did not in fact attend the Coronation of his bride to be. But as Julian puts it, 'who would ever wish to see a movie about a couple simply exchanging letters?'

He has a point.

Quite another princess, Grace Elizabeth.

And enough of a Princess enough of the time to ensure that Grandpa bears gifts of diamonds and rubies - the very finest that Toys R Us sell.

Ben Henry, on the other hand has far more contemporary taste in headwear, he is growing like a weed and on the cusp of walking.

Have a grand Monday nice people.


  1. What beautiful grandchildren.. you must be very proud. I'm going to try and get to see this film.. I always enjoy a roam through UK history..

  2. Princess Grace Elizabeth is growing by leaps and bounds. When will she begin to demand diamonds from Tiffany's and not Toys R US?

  3. Wow! Another great movie recommendation! And all ones I've not seen. It's going straight on my queue. Thank you, Michael.

    Your grandchildren are too, too adorable!!