Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A poem for Wednesday

What a wonderful sunny morning.
I took an early stroll along the riverside, misty and calm.
My heart fills with admiration for those university rowing crews out training on the river and
the muse descends.
My first blog poem.....

River Walk - Early

The river beckons,
Long sleek wooden forms slide.
The swift, silent forward surges,
then short stillness
whilst minds and bodies reconvene.
The sharp calls of persistant, encouraging people,
facing the wrong way,
who watch the symmetry

of those who grunt and strain.
The swans knowingly ignore it all
and ride the temporary waves,
Such is it in life,
be it on river or bank.


  1. Beautiful...

    and yes, such it "is" in life, whether on river or bank indeed..

    I like this.

    Thank you M.

  2. I like how the swans ignore it all. This is really a wonderful poem, Michael. I hope you write more. I am posting one of mine later tonight. I feel a tad nervous!

  3. Well, done Michael! Strong closing lines!!
    I am "Riding the temporary waves," here at school. I miss everyone when I cannot stop by! What a lovely surprise! Keep writing!

  4. How lovely. Are you a swan then?

    Such uni rowing lads, as you decribe so 'tersely wonderful', remind me of Inspector Morris at Oxford. And I think such a scene shall always be indelibly etched on my brain.

  5. Hello Michael,

    Great first poem - very evocative. Just like the swans, the boat/scull glides through the water but not without power and effort.

  6. P.S. Would you believe the WV was 'hydrimen'??!!

  7. Yes, swans do seem above the fray as it were. Very nice, Sir Mutt. And I did finally notice you and your lovely poem and link you in late, but link you I did.

  8. This surely is not a first? If it is, keep writing.

    It reminded me of years of watching the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race - an event never to be missed - I can identify with Catfishred too.

    Keep it up.


    PS Wakey Wa-a-k - e -y!! That and 'The Stargazers are on the Air'!!!