Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Poetry Wednesday...

I spent a part of yesterday as advocate for a delightful lady 'of a certain age' (85 to be precise) who constantly referred to me throughout the proceedings as 'young man'.

She was an absolute delight and content with the outcome. If you imagine Dame Edith Evans you are truly getting the picture of her.

I am 61.....

So, this poem has really selected itself - another by Roger McGough.

I love the phrase beginning, 'hamfisted tommyguns....'.


  1. This gives new meaning to "raging against the dying of the light"....
    Don't you think he has rather high expectations of his mistress? Unless of course she happened to be pickling...}chuckling{

    I think you are reading this poem prematurely, Michael!

  2. Hello Michael,

    Great poem! I like "curtains drawn by angels bourne". And clearly, it's only the method that Mr McGough is hoping for, not the young age!

  3. Roger McGough rocks!!! I can hear him reciting this in my head...

    ... I personally would prefer a more peaceful death... but ensure I maintain an exciting life.

  4. Heh-heh, this was cute. Age is always relative, isn't it, young man?

    Great pic of Dame Edith!

  5. Wonderful photograph, enjoyed the post - and, indeed, the blog. It was my first visit, but I shall come again.