Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A poem for Wednesday......

After yesterdays canter about magnetic alphabets and a recalcitrant hound, this poem selected itself.

As ever, Wendy Cope appears to say it all.

I have added the recipe to my 'experimental' list....many thanks Bekkie and Jacqueline, yum indeed. The beer before bed will not pose a problem...lol

Catcheeks....I'm seeing a marketing opportunity and a unique selling point for Poop Post -Its...lol.

Willow...now would I have a fridge magnet alphabet set just for me.....?.....sheesh...lol.

J B-B....Bodie asked me to let you know he is just finishing his first novel and will turn to poetry where 'the medium is the message', shortly.

Derrick, Bodie did have a problem getting some of his words out, but I verge now on the distasteful.

I'm starting to laugh at my own jokes so time to exit stage right...thank you all for your dry witted comments.

It's nice to have fellow travellers....lol


  1. Your talents are ever growing, Michael! Can you buy "E"s separately?

  2. Anxiously awaiting the novel if it gets past the censors (clean language experts).

    Love this stringing together of thoughts. Nice to have a humorous look at life and literature.

  3. Mick, thanks for the laugh. Poor Bodie. Has he learned his lesson? Probably not. I love the poem!

  4. trouble getting some of his words out....lol...jeesh...

    and I agree, its nice to see some real humor in a blog....

    Well done M..

    ..walks away laughing...