Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Poetry Wednesday.....

Another day, another poem, I got my days mixed up - it's an age thing! Taking my lead from Jacqueline over at Love-Beauty-Simplicity, another poem with the theme of women in the world....

Why Dorothy Wordsworth is not as Famous as her Brother
By Lynn Peters

'I wandered lonely as a . . .
They're in the top drawer, William,
Under your socks -
I wandered lonely as a -
No not that drawer, the top one.
I wandered by myself -
Well wear the ones you can find,
No, don't get overwrought my dear,
I'm coming.'

'I was out one day wandering
Lonely as a cloud when -
Soft boiled egg, yes my dear,
As usual, three minutes -
As a cloud when all of a sudden -
Look, I said I'll cook it,
Just hold on will you -
All right. I'm coming.

'One day I was out for a walk
When I saw this flock -
It can't be too hard, it had three minutes.
Well put some butter in it.
-This host of golden daffodils
-As I was out for a stroll one -

'Oh you fancy a stroll, do you.
Yes, all right William. I'm coming.
It's on the peg. Under your hat.
I'll bring my pad, shall I, in case
You want to jot something down?'


  1. oh AMEN! hehehe....

    Very good

  2. Cute. I like a poem that does not take itself too seriously.

    So you getting muddled about day of the week got us two poems from you. How nice is that!

  3. Poor Dorothy! Good fun, Michael.

  4. I like it, Michael. It probably explains why I am enjoying living alone, which I am for the first time in my life. No-one to interrupt my reveries! Not that I'm producing much creatively, but there's always that chance!

  5. She really should get more credit than the literary gods have allowed! This was delightful!!
    I left a virtual tutorial as a response to your thoughts on THE VELVETEEN RABBIT; so have look when you get a chance.