Monday, 19 October 2009

and the rain it raineth every day....

I'm probably at an age when I shouldn't really wish my life away. In fact it was pointed out to me earlier this evening, by one who claims a certain affection for me, that it is an extravagence I can ill afford to indulge in....laughing!
However, I care not, because on Saturday I'm going down to Stratford to see Twelfth Night, and Richard Wilson in a role he was surely born to play - Malvolio.
Richard is best known for his much-loved role of Victor Meldrew in the TV comedy series One Foot in the Grave for which he has won many awards including the British Comedy Awards Top Television Comedy Actor Award and two BAFTAs. His is a long and distinguished career as both actor and director in theatre, film and TV.
The strong cast includes Nancy Carroll as Viola and Alexandra Gilbreath as Olivia.

Here are some clips of One Foot in the Grave, showing Richard acting with a touch of Malvolio about him even in this TV series.....I DON'T believe it!....surely the war cry of we ageing baby boomers...!
I can hardly wait.....


  1. Ho boy, Mick, those are funny. I'm very familiar with the series as it takes its turn in making the rounds on our British Comedies hour on PBS. I hope it comes around again soon, it was always hilarious. You will certainly have a wonderful time on Saturday!

  2. I have friends from Windermere who are also going on Saturday night to see Twelfth Night in Stratford - wouldn't it be odd if you sat near them (two men in their fifties - if anyone looks a bit like that then just ask if they come from Windermere!!) Agree about Richard Wilson and Malvolio - would love to see it but it is a long way to travel from here. Saw plenty when I lived just down the road so have nice memories. Enjoy your evening and do tell us about it.

  3. I am very pleased to read this as I thought Richard Wilson was dead! Glad to hear that he is very much alive.

    You lucky thing going to see Twelfth Night. Love Stratford.

    Can't bring up the video but please not on your ticket that you are not to sell it for profit. That means stay away from the ticket touts!!

    Enjoy and report back. Here's to Will.......

  4. Have a great time, Michael. It will be good for you to see a different side to Mr Wilson.

    And for Bee, Richard still appears on our TV screens in a fantasy series about Merlin and King Arthur in their youth! Wilson plays Merlin's mentor.

  5. Have a wonderful time Michael, I am sure it will be a super night. Richard IS wonderful in Merlin on the BBC. A very accomplish actor. Oh!Twelfth Night - enjoy enjoy.

  6. This is truly a lust worthy event. I want to come!!! Wish I could pop over and accompany you. Looking forward to a full review.