Saturday, 3 October 2009

Spats.........about a Grand Ball

The invite to Willow's Grand Autumn Ball (a dance indeed!), had me searching my closets and loft for my spats.
The reason, I hear you ask?
Well, my lovely friend Jenny Seagrove has graciously accepted my invitation to the Ball, telling me she wouldn't miss it for the world.
She is so looking forward to meeting our Mid West hostess and enjoying the excitement of Willow Manor, as indeed am I.
However she accepts my invitation (as only a woman can), with three provisos:
I do NOT sing at any stage of the proceedings.
I do NOT tell jokes that make people groan (this may be a request too far!).
I wear my spats with my dinner jacket and black tie.....sheesh

So here are my spats and shoes polished to a military shine beyond the call of duty. When we cut a rug, Strictly Come Dancing will pale into insignificance....criticise us at your peril Mr Len Goodman...grinning.

Just one question dear Willow....
If you erect marquees on the rear lawn, will the excitement be intense?......groan.
Have a grand Saturday all.


  1. See you at the ball Michael. Trouble is I have not chosen my partner yet - it was to be Rick Stein but the last time I saw him on TV I thought he had gone to seed a bit much! So I am searching around for a younger alternative!!
    Also there is the thorny eternal problem that I have absolutely nothing to wear.

  2. Hello Michael,

    I can see I'm going to have to pull out all the stops to top your outfit! See you on the dance floor.

  3. Oh, my-my-my!! Those spats are a sight to behold!! You are going to be the envy of all, Mick! I am thrilled that you and Ms. Seagrove will be attending the Manor Ball. Please save a few dances, as well as songs and jokes for me! ~x

  4. Jenny is beautiful, Michael. She looks like the fellow barrister (forgot her name) of John Deed's chambers. But why can't you sing and tell jokes, which are my favoured among the sporting things to do? Are you tone deaf and a bit too punchy with your one-liners? As for me, I've always found you an amusing fellow. LOL

  5. Miss Seagrove does play the barrister Jo Mills who is a member of John Deed's chambers. She thinks the world of John but wont put up with his womanizing...and quite rightly.
    Tone deaf?.......tick box.
    Punchy one liners?...tick box.

  6. You do amuse us, Mick. But this all sounds so elegant. Lucky you, lucky Jenny.