Friday, 18 December 2009

a state of mind.......

Well, now the British Airways threatened strike over the Christmas period isn't going to happen, I'm going to be in New York City between the 27th of December and the 1st of January.
So, if anyone would like to join me and my camera on a walk over the Brooklyn bridge give me a call....lunch or dinner thrown in too........just how generous is this guy?...laughing.

Have a great weekend nice people.........lesson learned?.......never going to use BA again, ever.........ever.
By the way...Ella sings of starving together in Chiles.....I can find no reference to Chiles on the interweb........someone help me out.....grinning.


  1. I sure wish I could be there and walk that bridge with you. Are you there are business, pleasure, both? Meeting someone at the top of the Empire State Buidling? Whatever it is, I hope the weather is nice and you have a wonderful time. Sorry, can't help with Chiles either.

  2. Hi Michael,

    Enjoyed the musical interlude. Glad your plans haven't been thwarted. Have a great time. Looking forward to seeing the snaps!

  3. Hope this major winter weather system on the east coast clears up before you get there or walking across the Brooklyn Bridge will be a foolhardy trek.

  4. Hello Michael. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind words. The movie clips were something special to view at 7.15am, especially Ella's tribute to NYl Would love to meet up on the bridge but I suffer from Vertigo so not sure how I'd go and things happening here, means I won't be able to leave Australia. Have a wonderful time and best wishes for the festive season. Sylvia

  5. One of these years, I want to see NYC at Christmas time! Glad your plans worked out! Safe travels! Thank you for the music. I love Ella!

  6. Enjoy the Big Apple, my friend. Wish I could be there to meet you for a drink! Godspeed and have a great time, Mick.