Saturday, 30 January 2010

New York...then hither, thither and yon...

Happy New Year all......I finally made it home via working in Dublin, Brussels and good old Manchester. The in flight teams were getting so used to seeing me that I was on the verge of being added to their Christmas card about travelling in ever decreasing circles!

Well, work is sense complaining in this economic climate.

My carbon footprint is shot to pieces though.....arf.

New York was as wonderful as much to see and do and so little time. The weather was pretty much as western Europe......bloody cold. Favourite spot was the White Horse Tavern on Hudson Street in the West Village - haunt and last drinking place of one of my literary heroes, Dylan Thomas. A couple of great evenings were spent there.

Anyway, this evening I shall raise a glass (or twain) of something reviving and enjoy catching up on the happenings of my favourite blogsters.

Seeing Jersey Boys was a fantastic evening...but what happened to the sheer glamour of a Broadway show,......sadly, London is pretty much the same.

Have a great weekend nice people....I couldn't resist Ginger...grinning.


  1. Welcome home Michael,

    I know that your friends will all be glad to see you safely back. Hopefully, we'll hear of your adventures in due course. Put your feet up this weekend!

  2. You've been missed, dear friend. Glad you're back safe and sound!

  3. Welcome back to etherland. Interestingly enough I just viewed last night the DVD Mrs. Henderson Presents about the Windmill theater on the west end of London before and during WWII.

    I two get nostalgic for those days of spectacular musicals. It is my feeling that West Side Story ruined them.

  4. I thought you had disappeared off the radar, Michael - glad it was only a gad-about and that you are back in cyberland. Look forward to reading of your travels -

  5. In my best deep South accent, "Waare huv ya bhin, Dahhlling? Uh mizd sumfin awwwful."
    Happy New Year, etc etc...
    I liked the video. Ever see
    HELL'S A POPPIN' that was a cute musical...

  6. Correction: 1941.