Friday, 2 April 2010

lifes absurdities laid bare....

Philip Larkin has always been right up there amongst my favourite poets....his taciturn style has always struck a chord with me...and this chord sounds louder as I get older...laughing.

Have a wonderful, peaceful and blessed Easter nice people.

The Winter Palace

Most people know more as they get older:
I give all that the cold shoulder.

I spent my second quarter-century
Losing what I had learnt at university

And refusing to take in what had happened since.
Now I know none of the names in the public prints.

And am starting to give offence by forgetting faces
And swearing I've never been in certain places.

It will be worth it, if in the end I manage
To blank out whatever it is that is doing the damage.

Then there will be nothing I know.
My mind will fold into itself, like fields, like snow.


  1. Hi Michael,

    Wise words from Mr L. but I'm sure you're not there yet!

  2. Good words to reflect upon today. Nice to catch a recent blog of yours Sir Mutt. Missed your input.

  3. A far more peaceful way of growing old than the one I plan (as you read in my blog). That's not to say I won't change my mind - or lose it! :)

  4. He does have a sharp wit! Razor sharp!

  5. Nice to catch a recent blog of yours Sir Mutt.

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