Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Let Erin Remember......

Happy St Patricks Day, to my family, friends and colleagues born in Ireland.

The rest of you, be away with yourselves - Plastic Paddys indeed!

To have the honour to be invited to the Sergeants Mess of a battalion of the Irish Guards today, is a supreme test of one's endurance and capacity for drink !!!

I can hear my father now whistling or humming the first three tracks - Let Erin Remember, St Patricks Day and Old Comrades


  1. Enjoyed the video on the Irish guard!

    Happy St. Patricks Day from one of those Plastic Paddys! ;^)

  2. I was a child of mixed race myself, forever whistling with my Irish Granddad all things green then humming to Queenie with my English-Canadian Gran while tasting the stouter fares of the Welsh, German rellies on the other side who always wanted to celebrate, it seemed to me as a bewildered child, before the occasion. 8~)
    All in all, I'm a definite Celt through and through.
    So, sláinte, cheers, proost!
    I'll drink to you and all those too - LOL.