Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I nearly forgot Poetry Wednesday.....again.

I never seem to travel through London Heathrow airport without this poem by Christopher Logue coming to mind.

London Airport
Christopher Logue

Last night in London Airport
I saw a wooden bin
So I wrote a poem
and popped it in.

Logue contends that 'poetry cannot be defined, only experienced', and this short poem seems to illustrate his view. Did he write a poem of unrequited love, regret, sadness, desperation, good bye - or all or none of these things ?

Such a privately experienced poem, rather dated by the grandiose label on the wooden bin, but powerful nevertheless.

Any thoughts class?....smiling.


  1. A rather sad little poem really I think Michael.
    Can't say I have heard of the poet - yet the more you read it the more there is in it I think.
    I do enjoy leaving a comment watched over by that black labrador.

  2. Would it be unjust to label this a 'ditty'.

    He experienced it - I like it! And I know that I will now never be able to pass a bin at any airport without thinking of this!

  3. It truly is sad to think that many think of poetry as unwanted literature.

    Yes, short and powerful piece. I like it. A lot.

  4. Course you know I already linked in your Clerihews. I could not pass that up. And Bee even submitted one for the tour. You get the blame or the credit.

  5. I really like the bin label, Michael! So proper, so British! Sad, if he really did think poetry is unwanted. Saw a BBC4 prog last night on "your" poetry please. Very enjoyable.

  6. I've never before heard of this witty writer, but am I the only one laughing here? I found this rhyming bit that mirrored his genius, not sad, but delightful. And don't we who write often feel that what we have to say is more times than not overlooked and undervalued?
    Writing a whimsical ditty and throwing it in a bin marked 'Unwanted Literature' is a statement in and of itself. Touché, I say, and well done!

  7. this made me smile