Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One plucking thing after another......

Not my words nice people, but those of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and how they describe one of their concerts....

All I can say is that if you ever get the chance to see them dont hesitate, they take their musical performances very seriously but reinforce it with a very tongue in cheek sense of humour.
They specialise in a wide-ranging roster of spectacular tunes, from Jerusalem to The Dambusters plus renditions from The Who and Sex Pistols.

Over the last twenty years the orchestra has toured Japan, US, Canada, and Europe. Albums include Precious Little, The Secret of Life, Top Notch and a large back catalogue of recordings including a 2005 DVD, Anarchy in the Ukulele, recorded at the Barbican in London.

This summer on the 18th of August, the orchestra is to make its debut at The Albert Hall Promenade Concerts and members of the audience are being asked to bring their own ukulele and create a "grand ukulele rendition" of Beethoven's classic Ode to Joy.

Sit back and enjoy your Tuesday


  1. Too cool! So surprisingly smooth!

    I used to have a uke when I was a girl. I could play only one song, "Blue Tail Fly". And it sure didn't sound anything like this. Teehee.

  2. I am sitting in an internet cafe and I can't turn up the volume and listen but I must say that this sounds hilarious

  3. Extremely talented, Michael. Liked the first two most. Must listen out for this during the Proms