Monday, 8 June 2009

In my day.....

Yesterday my sons had me in fits of laughter reminding me of some of the 'parental' things I used to say to them, in fact I still do

The interesting thing is my parents said them to me and I swore I'd never say them to my own kids....

1. Of course it won't hurt.

2. Because I said so!

3. Wait until your Mother gets home!

4. We never had pocket money/record players/shoes when we were young.

5. Eat your food, there are kids starving in Africa.

6. Your face will stick like that if the wind changes.

7. I never did that when I was your age.

8. You don't know you're born.

9. No!

10. I remember when...

What did your parents say to you that you have said to your kids, or maybe still do?


  1. My mother was famous for these:

    1. "That will be pretty as long as there is a piece of it! (about a piece of fabric she bought to make all three of us girls a new dress!)
    2. You girls need a Toni! (her plot to give us all a home permanent the day before Easter every year)
    3. Be quiet or I'll pop you! (when we were squirming all through the permanent)
    4. I am the Mother; I am in charge here!
    5. Good manners are always in style! (after we had to practice walking through the house with a book on our heads!)
    6. I will not let them remove that birthmark from her cheek! I may need it someday...they didn't have anything to identify that Lindbergh baby! (whenever my dear Aunt Aubra--my mother's oldest sister-- suggestedI she might have it removed--just a small wine mark on my cheek that looks like a garnet)
    Thank God I was an adult before I knew the fate of the Lindbergh baby...obviously an event that really stayed with my mom, God bless her!
    I have and still use 1, 3, 4, & 5 on my sons & students!!

  2. Wonderful M, your Mom sounds a lovely lady with a wicked sense of fun.
    'Be quiet or I'll pop you', has to be my

  3. Michael, a "pop" was really just a threat to slap someone's sassy behind! I did forget her classic boast when returning from a shopping trip for one specific item---it could have anyhting from stockings to to horse feed, but she always would announce to my dad, "I tell you John D. I got the laaaaaaast one they had!"
    (Imagine the musical East Tennessee lilting drawl of Dolly Parton - that was my mother's voice!) Oddly this shopping adventure happens to me all the time, and I come in the door and annouce the same line!

  4. Make that ANYTHING...not anyting....Oh...If I only had a brain!

  5. "I had to walk barefoot through the snow to school, when I was your age!"

    Hey, I like your Tushingham header. Tres cool.

  6. Because I said so.

    Don't sit so close (to the TV), you'll ruin your eyes.

    Money doesn't grow on trees.

  7. Is this stuff genetic? It was the kids in China that were starving. I offered to box it up and send it.

    My favorite one was - If you don't like it here you can always move out. I heard that at six.

  8. Jacqui reminded me of another one from dad:

    As long as you live under my roof, you'll live by my rules.

  9. Hi Michael,

    Nos. 2 and 9 sound familiar! Plus of course "Money doesn't grow on trees". When I was curious about where Father might be going, he would say either "To see a man about a dog" or "There and back to see how far it is"! Nothing could be more frustrating!

  10. Thank you a lot for your wonderful contributions. So Im not the only one scared for life...laughing.

    Derrick..........are we long lost brothers?

  11. everything that has been written here was said to me by one or both parents.
    Your # 8 "You don't know you're born" (Oh yes I do)
    When I was your age blah blah blah
    If you smile your face might crack

    But the best in my book because I never believed I would say it to my two:

    "You call that music?"
    "Turn that bloody awful row down"!!!!

  12. sadly i don't have kids and i envy those of you who do.

    By the way - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the comment. mutable, gusset, resile and pettifogger are all fabulous sounding words!