Thursday, 4 June 2009

Just a quick thank you.......

I couldn't let this time of year go by without a heartfelt thank you to all our Allied forces who took part in the Normandy landings....mere boys most of them, but brave, brave and honourable all.

The above picture is me (on the left...smiling) and my father Henry, late of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards. My dad survived the retreat from Dunkirk, only to take part in the D Day landings and as he used to say with a wry smile, 'head in the general direction of Berlin.'

My eldest son Matt cleverly posed and took the photograph some 14 years ago, so we both had a flagpole growing out of our heads!

The family 'off the wall' humour gene is alive and well.

Lest we forget.


  1. Humor is a great survival tool. So is gratitude

  2. Well said M. We are deeply indebted to those who have and continue to dedicate their lives to keeping us safe in whichever country we call home. I salute your fathers loyalty and service. Here in the states, Fathers Day is just around the corner--so this blog entry is quite appropriate for that purpose as well.

    What a couple of handsome men in the picture...smiling...

    And may I say, I stand in awe of Matt's pole aligning

    Great post.

  3. Michael,

    A good friend of mine here in SLC is a Brit who as a young man piloted a landing boat on D-Day. It still brings tears to his (and our) eyes when talking about the sacrifices made there. We do need to remember and be grateful.

    The photo is awesome!

  4. I think the flagpoles make the picture! Well said - it is a day we should all remember. It fits in well with my post two days ago about Dunkirk. PS Love the dog who is staring at me from the side of this post a comment space - he looks a darling.

  5. The men are so good looking, I didn't notice the flagpoles!

    Lovely tribute to your father, Michael, and the brave young men; those who survived and those who did not.

    The film "Atonement" has a powerful Dunkirk scene. It gives me goosebumps every time I see it.

  6. Hi there Muttley...hope you are keeping well,had a look at your 360 and followed your instruction to here:)
    Keep well my friend, (Citybreezes)

  7. Nicely said, Michael. And I didn't notice the flagpoles either!