Wednesday, 29 July 2009

begging a pardon..........

I had reason to beg someones pardon this morning....and I was reminded of this wonderful scene from Shakespeare's Richard II.
In this authentic production by the Globe Theatre production back in 2003,
Liam Brennan was Henry IV, the late Bill Stewart was the Duke of York, Peter Shorey was the Duchess of York, and Chu Omambala was the Duke of Aumerle.

Fine acting indeed......and the superb Mark Rylance as Richard reflects upon the meaning of his life...

and a rousing ending.....have a grand Wednesday nice people.


  1. LOVE it!!!

    Can't imagine you having to beg a serious pardon of anyone, Michael.

  2. wasn't a serious pardon was accepted with great good humour but wasw just something I felt I had to do...smiling.

  3. Yaaaaayyyy! Do you hear the thunderous applause! No, well maybe just my little woohoo to such a wonderful performance. I will smile all day after this, thank you so much for posting it!

  4. Michael- doing that egotistical thing- googling myself, I came across this posting of yours. Thank you for reminding me of this wonderfully happy production, although I never realised how silly that wig looked. The dress was made in Genoa, on 17th century looms, by a family firm of cloth makers who back then made cloth for the Globe in 1600. How authentic can you get! Cheers, have a great 2010. Peter Shorey.